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Online Specials

ChiroFlow Pillows- On sale-- was $80.00 now $60.00 The manufacturer has extended their holiday pricing. TheChiroFlow water-based pillow is the only support pillow to have research from Logan Chiropractic College and Johns Hopkins University that shows evidence of improved night sleep and reduced neck pain.

Call the office today to place your order 908-903-0111

Prefabricated Foot Orthotics by Body Tech Labs & Hexelpro--

On Sale-- was 125.00 now 95.00 -- These pre-fabricated orthotics were designed by podiatrists to address the support needs of the 75% of the population that don't require custom molded orthotics. That's most of us. Custom molded orthotics in our office cost $245.00 to $350.00, and can cost over $500.00 in a podiatrist's office. But most of us don't need custom support. The over-the-counter grocery store/drug store inserts aren't structured enough to give any valuable support or correction. These orthotics can be worn in athletic shoes of all types, as well as dress shoes. Ladies- They also make a "whale-tail" orthotic to fit in heels over 1" and pumps.